Managing the Club


Copies of the Constitution are available from the Play Manager or Secretary to the Management Committee. It is summarised in the various paragraphs in this section.

A Management Committee made up of parents will organise the long and mid-term planning of the club and be responsible for the club's accounts and legal matters. Members will be elected by parents at each Annual General Meeting.

Officers and committee members are elected annually at an AGM.
Current Members of the Management Committee are:

Ramin Amali
Clementina Fraser
Rebecca Ingram
Kate Budd
Rachael Martin
Lucy Swannell
Nicola Sproul
Conrad Hutton
Laura Everson
Farah Armstrong
(Vice Chair)

(Deputy Manager / IT)
(Book keeper)

Any parent or guardian who has registered at least one child with the club is eligible to stand for a position as an officer or member of the Committee as long as their standing does not breach the terms of the Constitution. All members of the Committee also receive police checks and their details passed to Ofsted.

Annual General Meetings are usually held in June each year. Extraordinary General Meetings may be called by the Committee at any time or if the Secretary receives a written request for such a meeting signed by not less than one quarter of the members.